The linkage of these first two generations has still to be proven in the official records.

The Family of William Lillie & Isobel Underwood

The Family of William Lillie & Alsion Muckle

3 Peter Lillie Born: 9 June 1760 at Little Thank Eccles Berwickshire

Died: 26 January 1854 Langton South Lodge, Langton, Scotland




In the 94th Year of his Age.


He lived to see his children’s children of the third generation, and to be the head of a family numbering more than five score persons. Though somewhat bowed together in his latter years, he displayed considerable bodily vigour till within a year of his death, and retained the unimpaired use of his mental faculties to the last. Posessed of a good share of acuteness, and pretty extensively acquanted, for a person of his humble rank of life, with the men, and manners, and events of local interest, which belonged to the past two generations, his conversation on general topics, always sensible, was frequently amusing and instructive; while a sensitive shrinking from whatever was mean, a strict integrity, and a general consistency and solidity of character, secured for him the respect of a wide circle of acquaintances. For upwards of forty-eight years he was an elder of the church; and during that time he discharged his official duties with a punctuality and fidelity highly exemplary. At the disruption he cast in his lot those who renounced the advantages of an establishment, because they could be enjoyed no longer without,  “ dishonour done to Christ’s crown, and the rejection of His sole and supreme authority in the church.” His adherence to the Free Church was the result of a thorough persuasion of the righteousness of it’s cause, founded on a clear understanding of the grand principles involved in the conflict; and his attachment to that Church, augmented with the growing conviction of the important bearing of its existence upon the maintenance of the truth as it is in Jesus, and the spread of the pure gospel. Living under the power of the doctrines of grace, and much in communion with his God, his piety gradualy deepened, diffusing its hallowed influence more perceptably over his spirit as he drew near the confines of the eternal world; and having served his generation, he calmly fell asleep, looking steadfastly unto Jesus, on whose atonement he rested his whole hope of acceptance with God.

1st February, 1854.

+Margaret S Simson Died: Lagton Scotland

Married: 19 July 1782 at Coldingham Berwickshire

4 John Lillie Born: 1787 Longformacus Berwickshire

Died: 19 November 1866 Langton Scotland

+Alice Faldon Born: 25 Nov 1785 Whickham Durhamshire England

5 Thomas Lillie Born: 31 July 1814 Langton, Scotland

+Catherine Redpath

*2nd Wife of Thomas Lillie:

+Elizabeth Thompson Born: 1812 Duns, Scotland

Married: 9 September 1844 at Langton, Scotland

5 William Lillie Born: 18 August 1816 Langton, Scotland

+Jane Bone Born: 1812 Fogo Scotland

Married: 20 November 1838 at Duns Scotland

5 John Lillie Born: 11 September 1818 Langton Scotland

Died: 1 August 1898 24 Belsay Place Newcastle Upon Tyne

+Alice Burn Born: 29 August 1819 Alnwick Northumberland 

Died: 27 September 1874 122 Sycamore Street Westgate Newcastle Upon Tyne

Married: 3 February 1844 at Allison's Bank Toll-House Gretner Green Scotland

5 Morelle Lillie Born: 31 December 1820 Langton, Scotland

+James Sutherland Married: 29 June 1855 at Greenlaw Scotland

5 David Faldon Lillie Born: 2 October 1825 Langton Scotland

5 Peter Lillie Born: 1 June 1828 Langton Berwickshire Scotland

+Sarah Burnet Born: 1831 Ovingham Nr Newcastle Upon Tyne

4 Ann Lillie Born: 1792 Died: 10 February 1864 Langton Scotland

+John Stewart Born: 1789 Died: 27 February 1880 Langton Scotland Married: 27 May 1815 at Swinton & Simprin

5 William Stewart Born: 1816 Langton Scotland Died:

17 October 1821 Langton Scotland

5 Simson Penny Stewart Born: 16 October 1834 Langton Scotland

4 Isabelle Lillie Born: 1800

+Robert Johnston Born: 1799

Married: 14 November 1817 at Hutton Berwickshire

4 Margaret Lillie Born: 2 December 1800 Ayton Berwickshire

+Thomas Penny Married: 5 June 1829 at Langton Scotland

3 David Lillie Born: 18 June 1764 Eccles Berwickshire

3 Isobel Lillie Born: 12 April 1767 Eccles Berwickshire

3 Thomas Lillie Born: 22 October 1769 Eccles Berwickshire

2 Robert Lillie Born: 31 January 1727 Eccles Berwickshire

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