The family of Thomas Lillie & his two wives Catherine Redpath & Elizabeth Thompson

          As John & Alice’s sons matured they had no choice but to leave home, it would have been ridicules to have six blacksmiths trying to service the Langton estate. They sought out work in the boom town of Newcastle on Tyne, as can be seen by the birth places of their children. Thomas with Catherine Redpath had but one child Alice in Langton, but then after he married Elizabeth Thompson they had Morrella in Newcastle. I then presume that his father John will have through poor health become less able to earn a living, so as the eldest son he will have returned to take over the blacksmiths forge from his father at Gavinton.

          When Thomas found the need to have someone to help with the work load, he took on an apprentice from another Lillie family. The name Robert is not generally used on this tree, I have not found out how close the relationship will have been but I am sure there will be one? The “do not marry cousins” taboo would indicate it must be a distant tie; as does the fact that Robert married Morrella with obvious family blessing.

The family of Thomas Lillie, Caterine Redpath & Elizabeth Thompson

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